Chuck The Realtor

I wasn’t always a realtor. In fact, if we’re talking percentages here, I’ve been a realtor for 12.5% of my working life, assuming I started working at age 16.

Most of my working life was spent in Corporate America; more specifically, the Information Technology sector. First as a Cobol / JCL / Assembler Programmer, then as an Oracle PL/SQL Developer, and finally, as a report writer for a large data warehouse implementation, all in Hartford, Connecticut. I know, sounds boring, doesn’t it? It’s ok, it will get better, promise! But it will be a little bit.

It wasn’t until I moved to North Carolina did I start programming in Java, working with java application servers and software infrastructure and eventually, started teaching software application development across North America.

Having read, “Decline And Fall Of The American Programmer”, and seeing many programming jobs being outsourced globally, I figured it’d be a good time to get out of the programming profession.

Enter software sales. But not software sales from a sales rep point of view per se, but the technical side of software sales in roles commonly referred to as Systems Engineer or Sales Consultant.

And then I turned 50 years old. And do you know what happens when you turn 50? Yes, my hairline receded and a hairless circular crater appeared at the top of the back of my head. But that’s not all. If you are not aware by now, when one turns 50 years old, there’s a high probability that individual will soon be unemployed.

So, there I was, out of a job. Wow! Big eye-opener. Well, that’s ok, I’ll just get another. After searching for a couple of months, it kind of hit me like a bag of bricks. If I get another job, how long would it last? At some point, I’d have to again look for another job. This could get ugly. Especially since I had a sophomore in an out-of-state University and a senior in high school getting ready to enroll in a University.

That’s when I started thinking about real estate full-time. I had dabbled in real estate having owned a couple of investment properties and managing them as a part-time landlord so perhaps that was the way to go. After struggling as an agent for my first one to two years, I found Mike Ferry and signed up for coaching. I’ve never looked back!

Today, I am an independent contractor (aka real estate agent) that buys and sells residential real estate, mostly on behalf of my clients through Laura Peterson Partners Inc Of West & Woodall Real Estate. I also operate a small property management company, Peterson Property Management, LLC that manages residential properties on behalf of absentee owners / investors.

This blog is about my transition from being paid for my time, to being paid for my results. It’s about me trying to be the best real estate agent I can be and yes, I was in the Army and they had a similar mantra, “Be All That You Can Be”. It’s about what I have learned along the way and how to best serve my clients.

What was another alternative to becoming a real estate agent or going back into Corporate America? Well, I could have stood in the middle of a busy highway positioned atop a concrete median strip below a traffic light with a hand-written cardboard sign that reads, “Will Work For Food”.

Whether you’re looking for Realtor representation in the purchase or sale of a property, or looking for a professional property manager to look after your investment(s), I’m the right individual for you. Call me and let’s discuss how I can help with your real estate needs.