Why Married Couples Make A Great Real Estate Agent!


Did you catch that? I called a married couple a single agent. That’s because they are a union – a permanent bond with the strength and determination to succeed as a single entity.

A married couple offers many advantages over a single agent and even large real estate teams when it comes to real estate transaction efficiency and effectiveness.

Unlike a single agent, a married couple can be in two places at the same time. One spouse can be meeting the photographer at your current home while the other spouse is meeting the inspector at your new home.

Similarly, one spouse can be holding an open house at your current home while the other spouse is working hard prospecting for buyers for your home.

A married couple can get more done in less time.


As a seller or buyer, situations arise when you inevitably need to talk to your realtor asap. With a married couple, you have two numbers to call. If you receive a busy signal for one spouse, just dial the other.

Even large real estate teams will have a designated individual (typically called a transaction coordinator) assigned to a buyer or seller to call. But again, it’s a single phone number. A married couple offers higher availability than a single agent.


There are many real estate agents that have formed large teams that can consist of dozens of agents. A single agent’s name may be on their business card but behind that name are scores of agents working under that agent. The team may consist of specialized listing agents, buyers agents, transaction coordinators, administrators, and inside sales reps.

The listing agent’s job on the team is primarily to meet with sellers in an attempt to earn the seller’s business by listing their home. Once the listing agent gets the listing agreement signed, they’re on to the next seller. In fact, sellers may never speak with that listing agent again. Instead, the seller may be passed on to a transaction coordinator whom they have never and will never meet in person.

When married couples meet with sellers, the relationship that’s formed persists through the transaction and beyond. Married couples have “skin in the game” whereas members of large teams may earn a salary even if the transaction never closes.


Are you familiar with the four personality types?

1. Analytical
2. Driver
3. Amiable
4. Expressive

I won’t take up the space here to describe them as I prefer not to steer too far off topic. However, if you’re interested, there’s plenty of info on the web.

Spouses with dissimilar personality styles are well-positioned to handle the multitude of personality types they’ll likely encounter during real estate transactions: buyers, sellers, and other agents.

The benefit comes in handy especially during negotiations, whether the negotiation is about price or when negotiating repair requests. Have you ever dealt with a driver personality type?

They tend to be demanding, have little patience, and get right to the point. A driver against an amiable in a negotiation can most definitely turn into a WIN / LOSE scenario. Please refer to my other post: Real Estate Negotiations: A Zero Sum Game?

On the other hand, if one spouse is also a driver, than a driver vs. a driver could more easily turn into a WIN / WIN scenario.

When looking to hire a real estate agent, you should seriously consider a married couple.
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